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My Kilt making Journey

As a Piper, I had always been fascinated by how this huge rectangle of 8-9 yards of tartan could be condensed enough to become a kilt. As it got closer to leaving school my real passion for work was to be in the army or in the police force.  This was not meant to be due to not making the height or weight criteria being on the small side. So off I went to college and became a software engineer.  My job took me all over the world and with long hours and piping did not have the time.

At the point I was turning 50, I started looking again and found a taster course spanning two weeks where I made my first kilt, how to spend your annual leave I hear you ask.  During my time on the course I realised how passionate I was about the tradition art of kilt making  sewing was a therapy that I continued with the training to complete the seven required styles of pleating to call myself a Kiltmaker.  

My Kilts

  • Hand tailored from eight yards of the finest pure wool tartan, woven in Scotland

  • The full length of fabric is pleated and shaped to the precise measurements.  Each pleat is hand stitched.

  • A canvas is added to add structure and stability

  • Cotton lining is added

  • Leather straps, chrome or brass buckles added

  • Finally a steam press ensuring everything sits in place, your kilt is now ready to wear.

Kilts and more


As well as Kilts the list below is some other product that I make to order.

  • Fly Plaids

  • Pipers Plaids

  • Ladies Stole

  • Scarf

  • Pipe bag cover

  • Handfasting ribbons

  • Drone Ribbons

  • Scottie Dogs for wedding favours

If you would like a kilt or anything from my list, or more information, please get in touch 

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